Welcome to Thai Hand Made Gifts!

Thai Hand Made Gifts features Handmade Furniture and dcor from Sustainable Materials - Natural and Safe - Functional Works of Art

Our most popular items include: sustainable monkey pod wood original design Twist Stools, end tables, stools and stands, Buddha Panels, original design wall panels, and hand carved art objects.
Other popular lines include Reclaimed Teak Lotus wall panels. A collection of Farmed Teak framed mirrors, spa stools and mats, other pool, spa, and bath items.
We round out our offerings to you with sustainable Mango wood end tables, recycled aluminium end tables, and table top items, along with eco friendly high grade Hand forged stainless steel flatware sets.
We can custom make flatware sets for commercial use in restaurants or sales in retail stores

Every single piece is unique and hand made by our various workers and shops.

Though we are not "Artisan" making a single piece specifically for you, like some sales sites claim, Each and every piece is truly Hand made and unique. The piece you receive will be one of a kind.

We are a Thailand based furniture, decor, objet, and table top accessory manufacturer that lives and practices the making of true Handmade items from sustainable materials using all natural finishes and eco friendly recycled cardboard packaging.
We are committed to using hand methods and sustainable practices for our materials and for the well being of our material suppliers, employees, community, and surrounding communities. We have been in business for over 10 years and continue to improve and create new designs.
All wood used is from Sustainable Wood sources, and all products use eco friendly, natural, food-safe finishes to create truly unique, sturdy, versatile Functional Works of Art.