Eco Friendly Food-Safe Natural Wood Finishes

Livos Natural Oils

Livos Oil - a natural eco friendly certified oil made from sustainable plant chemistry that is safe and creates a food safe, saliva, and water resistant surface. Applied by hand over teh course of a week to seal and protect the woods surface. Contains natural resins that can be buffed to a light matte sheen.


Technical qualities:

Transparent, satin finish, water resistant according to German Industrial Norm DIN 68 861, part 1
Open-pored it produces a protective filmafter 2 - 3 coats
German Industrial Norm DIN 53 160 certified for color fastness when expose dto perspiration and saliva
DIN EN 71 Part 3 certified, suitable for toys

  • contain no synthetic chemicals, only biologically and environmentally responsible ingredients
  • are all rigorously tested (never on animals!) for health and safety
  • won't aggravate allergic reactions, asthmatic conditions, or skin irritations
  • won't cause nausea, headaches and nervous system disorders associated with synthetic products
  • rare 100% biodegradable
  • list EVERY ingredient on EVERY label, even those that make up less than 2% of the formula
  • can be disposed of with regular household garbage
  • reduce toxic fumes and air pollution
  • provide excellent quality and coverage
  • provide beautiful color. promote healthy living
  • improve air quality both at home and in the environment
  • LIVOS products contain organically sourced ingredients and are never tested on animals

Livos Kunos 244 Full declaration:
Linseed oil, linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, linseed-oil - wood oil - stand oil, natural resin glycerol ester, linseed oil - stand oil, orange oil, isoaliphates, silicic acid, micronized wax , pine oil, rosemary oil, lead free drying agents

Tung Oil

Eco freindly food safe natural finishes Tung Oil FlowersEco freindly food safe natural finishes Tung Oil

Pure Eco Fiendly Natural Food-safe Tung Oil is natural, and is water and alkali resistant. It resists marring, penetrates well, is elastic and unlikely to check. Tung Oil builds quickly, consolidates teh wood surface and builds a transparent matte finish. Pure Tung Oil contains is eco friendly, natural, and contains no thinners or driers and has a light nutty odor.
natural eco friendly Tung Oil is pressed from the nuts of the Tung tree and is also known as China Wood Oil and Nut Oil. Tung Oil is an ideal "binder" or "vehical", carrying the resins deep into teh pores of teh wood so that sealer and finish coats practically become part of the wood - drying into an armor-like yet beautiful surface.
The thin, transparent oil penetrates deep into wood pores, forming an almost permanent seal against moisture because it never loses its elasticity. Tung Oil is the world's oldest and best wood preservative.
Food-safe and natural, Tung Oil offers a protective barrier against water, stains, abrasions and wear. The look is natural, hand-rubbed, classic; perfect for fine furniture

Teak Oil

Eco freindly food safe natural finishes Teak Oil Flowers

Pure Teak Oil - is natural, food-safe and eco friendly. It is squeezed locally from the nuts of the teak tree with no modifiers added

Natural Wood Wax

Eco friendly food-safe Natural Wax over water based stain
All our sustainable wood products can be produced sanded and ready for an eco friendly natural food-safe finish by special order. Alternately we can hand rub in a white or clear natural eco freindly food-safe wax to protect the surface but allow the natural wood to show.